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A BOUNTIFUL TRIP TO ‘ORANGE’ Aditi Brennan Kapil circles back to the family in foreign Orange County by CRISTOFER GROSS Playwrights start each script staring into blankness. Somewhere in that word doc or sheet of paper is the trailhead to something undiscovered – possibly ancient and unformed – they hope to capture in words and […]

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Theater @ Boston Court 2017 playwrights: clockwise from left, Julia Lederer, Dan O'Brien, Jen Silverman

This week, with 2017 occupancy of the White House – and with it the ninth chair on the Supreme Court – getting a little too close for comfort, it’s comforting to hear that occupancy at Pasadena’s Boston Court is set for a world premiere by Dan O’Brien and West Coast premieres from Jen Silverman and […]